The Transformation of This Starving Stray Dog Almost Moved Me to Tears

You won't believe how she looks now!
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After rescuers found a homeless dog on the streets named Kelsey, they could clearly see that she had been through a lot. Years of living rough and battling against all odds to stay alive had taken its toll on her body with her scars visible for all to see. But with the help of some kind and loving humans she's now on the right track to becoming her normal self, living the best life possible.

Kelsey was found roaming the streets.

She was in a terrible way, every inch of her body was covered in scars and sores.

Rescuers managed to encourage Kelsey to get in the car with them so they could take her to get the help she needed.

Here she is, ready to be treated.

For the first time she was able to eat some decent food in a safe environment.

The vets that treated her were saddened by Kelsey's condition and the hardship she had clearly been through.

But this only made them even more determined to help her.

Soon she started to make a recovery.

Once her cuts had healed, she learn't how to interact and play with other dogs.

Now she can enjoy the great outdoors once again.

She's almost made a complete recovery.

And now has a loving home.

She's now the beautiful dog she always should have been.

All made possible by the intervention of people who wanted to give Kelsey a better life.

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