This Dog Had Spent His Entire Life Neglected, Until a Kind Human Showed Him Some Love

Faith in humanity restored.
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For three years everyday Vimeo user Jared Piper who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, passed a garden that was scorched by the mid day sun. Inside and chained to the fence was a dog. Temperatures regularly get up to 120 degrees and although the dog had shade Piper had never seen anyone interact with the dog. Because of this he would snarl and growl every time Piper passed, the result of being poorly socialised.

The dog had been living in this yard for over 10 years, constantly chained up and given no affection or attention.

Because of this the dog was poorly socialised and didn't interact well. Piper didn't let that stop him from trying to befriend the dog though, and slowly over time he became a much friendlier pooch.

That was just the first step. After he had made friends with the dog now known as Rusty Diamond he decided that he would improve his life once and for all by finding him a new home. Now after 10 years of neglect Rusty Diamond lives with loving humans and is now the happy dog that he should have always been!

via ViraNova