What This Australian Fisherman Caught Will Leave You Terrified of the Ocean Forever

Yes, this is real!
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When Australian fisherman Matthew was fishing at Tweed Heads last month he never could have expected what would happen next. He thought that he'd hooked himself a hammerhead, but what he actually ended up with is a massive tiger shark!. The hammerhead was six-foot long, but the shark that ate is was 13 feet long!

Tiger sharks normally grow to around 10-feet-long although some do grow to 13-feet. This one was 13-feet long and it's absolutely huge!

In comparison however, female great white sharks can grow up to 16 feet long, whilst males only grow to around 13 feet - exactly like this tiger shark.

In order to get hooked onto this line the tiger shark had to eat another shark which was around half its size. Although it's a sight to behold, it's a real shame that such a powerful and impressive creature suffered a fate as sad as this. The shark was found off the coast of New South Wales, Australia, an area which locals are planning to cull and reduce the amount of tiger sharks to reduce attacks on humans.

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