What This Man Is Carrying Across the U.S. Will Break Your Heart

This mans dedication is a true inspiration.
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Sometimes people go above and beyond in order to help others, such is the case of Steve, a homeless man who is trying his hardest to give 11 stray dogs the life they deserve by any means necessary.

Recently he started a journey from California to Indiana in search of a better life with his 11 pups. The craziest part? he did it all on his bike.

This is the cart that Steve was pulling behind his bicycle.

Inside were his 11 stray dogs, each of them were coming with him on his journey from West Coast to middle America.

They used to be homeless, but thanks to Steve they now have someone that cares for them the best he can.

Whilst walking through Arkansas a woman spotted him and decided to pull over and ask about what he was doing and where he was heading.

Touched by his story and wanting to help with his permission she posted his story online.

Since then many organisations have contacted Steve such as SOAR, to help him and his gang of stray pooches, offering them transportation and hotels to stay in overnight.

Some may think that it would be best to try and find the dogs owners that can provide them a proper home...

But pulling this loving family apart after they've been through so much together would be heartbreaking. Once Steve reached Indiana a friend offered to help.

Steve is going to receive help in taking care of the dogs. He will have help neutering, spaying and getting the proper medical care all of his dogs need.

For now, the dogs will be looked after by a local animal sanctuary whilst Steve works on building a life in Indiana.

Good luck Steve, we hope you now get the help you deserve so that you can start a new life in Indiana with your dogs by your side.

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