What's Hidden Inside This Room Is a Marvel of Modern Technology

You'll want this in your own home!
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Super modern homes that incorporate cool and new technologies are always awesome, but this home designed by Simon Woodroffe, the man behind Yo! Suhi might just be the coolest yet thanks to it's ultra compact and functional living space.

Incorporating cool gadgets and appliances into a home is one thing, but doing it in such a way that you can easily transform one room from a living room capable of entertaining guests and then into a bedroom in just a few steps is incredible!

The home was designed by Simon Woodroffe, the creator of Yo! Sushi, and is focused around compact and functional living.

His latest home titled Yo! Home and is a modern living space that can be instantly turned into a bedroom.

All done at the click of a button!

It's practical too, with plenty of storage space and a small kitchen that can be hidden from view.

Not to mention the storage underneath the floor....

...and the table that can been folded into the floor!

Living out of one room might sound a little depressing, but not if its in a place like this.

Source: yo.co.uk

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