1970s Residence in Mexico City Gets Transformed Into Elegant Home

This place has got style.
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This 1970's home located in Mexico City was already an impressive place to start with, but now after architect and designer Ezequiel Farca has worked his magic it's been transformed, from old an run down home into an elegant residence oozing with class and style.

The Barrancas House overlooks beautiful views of a heavily green and wooded area and has plenty of space totalling 7,750 sq ft. Farca added floor to ceiling windows throughout to let as much light in as possible whilst also opening up the building and taking advantage of the surrounding views. Check it out in the photos below.

Jaime Navarro, Roland Halbe

Jaime Navarro, Roland Halbe

Source: ezequielfarca.com

h/t thecoolhunter.co.uk