23 Photos That Will Make You Never Want to Visit Australia

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Australia... a place full of beautiful locations, the great outback, and thousands of creatures big and small that want to kill you. From tiny spiders to giant great white sharks here are 23 photos that will make you never want to visit Australia.

1. Storms that rain sharks.

Channel Nine

Channel Nine

2. Gigantic sandstorms.

3. This.

4. Even the electrics aren't safe...

5. Wherever you go, something is waiting...

6. Not even kitchen utensils are safe!

Adelaide University

Adelaide University

7. The spiders are so deadly, they take on snakes and win!

8. Reading the electricity metre can be difficult.

9. NOPE.

10. Not even the toilet is safe.

11. Snakes can get just about anywhere.

12. You may find a shark in your backyard...

13. ...or be greated by a giant frog killing spider.

14. Sometimes the ocean can look like this.

15. Visiting the beach has some strict rules to follow.

16. You really won't want to get into the water...

17. Seriously. You won't.

18. Because of creatures like this.

19. HELL NO.

20. Snakes can take on crocodiles and win!

Tiffany Corlis

Tiffany Corlis

21. Just stepping outside is a risk.

22. Although storms seem tame compared to this....

23. ...and the taxi drivers are koala's!