27 Hilarious Examples of Cat Logic

"If it fits, I sits."
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If you own a cat then you'll understand that sometimes they can be the strangest creatures on earth. Trying to understand how the mind of a cat works is pretty much impossible. They're always hungry even when their food bowls are full and they will try to squeeze themselves into the tightest spots possible. Here are 27 hilarious examples of cat logic.

1. Don't ask questions, just let it be.

2. "Why? because I'm a cat that's why!"

3. All that money spent and he prefers the box.

4. The only way to eat your food.

5. This is cat logic at its very best.

6. "Thirsty!? no problem I got this."

7. Because this is clearly the most comfortable option.

hilarious examples of cat logic 7.jpg

8. Good kitty does as its told, sort of.

hilarious examples of cat logic 8.jpg

9. Some cats hunt mice, this one catches sponges.

10. A nice new bed, better sit on the box instead.

11. It's the only way.

12. Still struggling to get my head around this.

13. "What's yours is mine too."

hilarious examples of cat logic 13.jpg

14. "I'm a cat, i'll do whatever I damn please."

15. "What you looking at?!"

16. "Humans make for the best kind of pillow."

hilarious examples of cat logic 16.jpg

17. If it fits, I sits.

18. "My cat always eats his food like this..."

19. Just buy the cat a box next time.

20. How to trap a cat.

21. Sometimes it's the little things.

22. "I'm so comfy right now it's unreal."

hilarious examples of cat logic 22.jpg

23. Nice bed, better sleep on the floor to keep it nice.

24. "Why did you bother with the bed when this box is way better?"

25. The look of determination on his face to fit in that tiny shoe is incredible.

26. "I'm just chilling, please close the door now."

hilarious examples of cat logic 26.jpg

27. "Nobody will spot me under this giant red bed."

hilarious examples of cat logic 27.jpg