Adorable Red Panda Named 'Tofu' Melts Hearts During Her First Public Appearance at Detroit Zoo

She's so cute!
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Meet Tofu, the adorable red panda that recently melted everyones heart at the Detroit Zoo when she made her first long-awaited public appearance accompanied by her mum, Ta-Shi. Tofu was born in June and considered a success story for her species.

Like many species the Red Panda is facing extinction mainly through habit loss. It's thought that there are less than 10,000 left in the world and getting them to breed successfully in captivity is incredibly difficult, only half of Red Panda's born survive, which makes Tofu even more special.

The Detroit Zoo managed to capture the moment Tofu and her mother ventured out of their enclosure for the first time together, exploring a wooded area and showing their loving bond by even touching noses. Just look at that tiny fluffy little face! it's enough to melt anyones heart. For more information on Detroit Zoo visit their Facebook Page.

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