Artist Plants 1.2 Acre Field to Create a Giant Artwork Inspired by Van Gogh

Creating art on a large scale is no easy feat, but replicating the work of an artist as famous as Van Gogh makes the work of artist Stan Herd even more impressive. When you see his interpretation of Van Gogh’s 1889 Painting “Olive Trees” you’ll be left amazed, especially when you learn how it was created.

The huge 1.2 acre work of art was commissioned by the Minneapolis Institute of Art and took weeks of digging, mowing and planting to create. Positioned next to the Minneapolis airport the giant green canvas can be seen from the air. Despite its impressive scale Herd is no stranger to large works of outdoor art, in 1981 he created a 160-acre portrait of Kiowa Indian chief Satanta which he carved into a Kansas prairie.

via Colossal, startribune

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