Everyone Thought This Poor Fox Was Dead, but a Kind Human Still Gave Her a Chance

Many people consider foxes as pests but no matter your opinions on them, seeing an animal suffer is horrible to watch. Many animals fall victim to collisions with cars and other vehicles, often left to die at the side of the road.

Luckily for this little fox though rescuers discovered her just in time. She was thought to be dead but after closer inspection they found that she was still alive but barely breathing. They considered putting her down, but fortunately they decided to give her a chance.

A woman discovered the fox and called the Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary for help.


They quickly arrived and rushed the fox to their sanctuary for treatment.


She was in a bad way. They addressed her most serious injury, a wound to the head, and then kept their fingers crossed.


After some love and care the fox, now named Tammy, began to steadily recover.


It wasn’t long before she was up and back to her normal self!


Now that she’s healed she has even made a new friend named Todd who also came to the sanctuary with injuries caused by a vehicle.


Watch the video:

Find out more about the good work that Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary does here.

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