Graffiti Removal Guy in Paris Ends up Becoming Part of the Street Art

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This mural created by French street artist Combo took an unexpected turn after a man was sent to paint over the mural however it would appear that for some reason he didn't paint over the entire thing. After observing the man painting over his mural Combo took a photo and later returned to paint the man into the mural.

This time Combo, who specialises in painting pop culture figures, created a mural of Donald Duck’s three nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie and featured an unfinished phrase that Combo asks his fans online to complete with the most popular response being painted onto the piece later on. To see more of Combo's work visit his website and Facebook.

graffiti removal guy 1.jpg
graffiti removal guy 2.jpg


h/t StreetArtNews