'Hipster Barbie' Account Perfectly Mocks the People You Hate the Most on Instagram

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Everyone has that one person on their Instagram that makes them feel like less of a human. They've got up at the crack of dawn, been on some amazing adventure thats made the world a better place and still manage to look good, whilst you're still in bed trying to find the energy to get out of it. They're that person that always takes ridiculous selfies that are supposed to be 'natural' and 'authentic' whilst sat on top of a mountain overlooking a glorious landscape you've only ever been lucky enough to see on Instagram itself, and 'Hipster Barbie' does it better than anyone else.

Created by a wedding photographer in Oregon the account takes a dig at travel bloggers who encourage everyone to live a #blessed and #authentic life whilst posting photos that are clearly staged. With hilariously 'deep' travel shots, the latest fashion and plenty of selfies this Barbie perfectly mocks the worst kind of Instagrammer.

via BuzzFeed