The 9 Scariest Theories Known to Man

Absolutely terrifying.
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The world may or may not be quite all it seems. We still have a lot to learn about our world and the universe around us and these terrifying theories go some way to explaining where have come from as a species and where we are going. From artificial intelligence set on punishing us all to the possibility that our universe could cease to exist in an instance, here are the 9 scariest theories known to man.

1. False Vacuum

This is a short scientific hypothesis that proposes our own universe is actually in a false phase state as part of a much larger universe, meaning that our own universe and everything we know is temporary. The false vacuum that we are in will eventually pop and the larger universe will return to its normal state, meaning everything we know in our visible universe will cease to exist almost immediately without warning. 

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2. The Great Filter

Ever wondered why space is so vast yet we've never encountered another species? the great filter theory goes some way to explaining why in a universe that has so much potential for life we still haven't found any yet. It says that somewhere between the beginning of life itself and human evolution the Great Filter stops their advancement and ends life. If this is true then humans as of right now fit into one of three scenarios, either we've passed the great filter already like other civilizations and we are on our way to finding life elsewhere, we are the first to pass the filter and other advanced species also stand a chance of doing the same, or we haven't hit the filter yet. The last scenario is the scariest and finding evidence of extinct life on other planets would mean the filter is more than likely in front of us as opposed to behind us.

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3. Brain in a Vat

This theory is often use in experiments to study our perception of knowledge, reality, truth and relies on the idea that the brain is the source of all consciousness, no spirit, no soul, just the brain being operated via electrical impulses. It argues that because the brain can be influenced and stimulated from external impulses it can't determine between simulated stimulation and natural stimuli. This means that for all you know your brain could be in a jar which is being fed false impulses, making your entire life and existence out of your control and you'd never know.

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4. Higher Dimensional Beings

This is the idea that higher dimensional beings exist, however they choose not to interact with us. Imagine a 2D human, when you look at them from a certain angle you'd never even know they were there. Living life in 2D would mean that the person would never be able to even comprehend that some is looking down at them, everything they have ever known is 2D.

Now imagine us, 3D, and a higher dimensional being able to look at you from a 4 dimension that we will never understand. They can be right next to you and you would never know. They 4D person could interact with us but if they choose not to we would never know they existed. Checkout the video link below by Carl Sagan which explains better.

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5. Fermi Paradox

This theory is perhaps the most well known. The Fermi Paradox says that even if there were advanced civilizations out there, they may look at us the same way that we look at ants. Say there is an ant hill in the middle of a forest and right next to that ant hill we are building a highway, would the ants be able to understand what a highway is? probably not. So if there was life out there somewhere it could be that they are so advanced we would never understand what they are trying to do, meaning they would never stop to make contact.

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6. Roko's Basilisk


Those familiar with the Terminator series will understand Roko's Basilisk theory which states the creation of an all-powerful artificial intelligence in the future may have repercussions if it tries to punish those who did not bring about its existence in the first place. It's a future version of Pascal’s wager which argues we should either be open to the idea of an all powerful AI right now or even go as far as to donate money to the development of an AI as a precaution in case of any future punishments. It even suggests that just knowing about AI now could mean punishment in the future!

7. Terror Management Theory

terror management theory.jpg

This idea is a little too close to home. Everything that we as a species have ever accomplished has been motivated by one factor, the irreducible fear of non-existence. All of our motivation and desire is driven from the idea that one day we will cease exist, placing value on the achievements we make based on their projection beyond the grave. It's a theory that holds true in the sense that much of modern western life is devoted to avoiding death itself, with scientific advancements all geared towards ensuring the survival of humanity. Essentially everything we have done and will do is motivated by our own existential fear in confronting death.

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8. Transcension Hypothesis

transcension hypothesis.png

This theory is pretty cool and says that once a civilization reaches a high enough intelligence it could be capable of reaching microscopic technological singularity and creating a black hole in order to leave our visible universe, therefore expanding their growth, complexity and intelligence, disappearing from the universe and reaffirming the Fermi Paradox theory. Our current developments in science suggest that this is a possibility, or at least we'd like to think that this is where the human race is heading. You'll find a better explanation here on YouTube.

9. Sixth Mass Extinction

This is perhaps the scariest and most 'real' threat to the human species right now. Many biologists believe that we are already living through the sixth mass extinction. Why? well it's all to do with the earth's population. At around 1800 the earth's population reached 1 billion, a number that took thousands of years to reach. In the 215 years since then it has grown to a staggering 7.2 billion. This growth is taking its toll on our planet and creating negative effects that will get worse until we eventually die off.