This Wedding Photo Has Been Going Viral and the Reason Why Is Amazing

The Australian Outback is certainly a beautiful backdrop for a wedding shoot, so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that photographer Edwina Robertson choose the location, positioned not far from Backall to take these amazing photos. But this was no ordinary photoshoot…

The brides family had just sold their cattle due to drought effecting their farmland, a hard decision but a must when faced with financial hardship and uncertainty over the future. The photographer knew that this was a huge low for the family, especially during a time when they should all be celebrating.

She came up with a plan to help the family and raise awareness for others in the area who are also suffering both financially and mentally, suicide rates in Australia are higher in agricultural areas than they are in more densely populated areas. Robertson decided to share an image on Facebook and pledged that for every share it got she would donate $3 to Tie Up The Black Dog, an organisation that raises awareness to combat mental health in rural areas.

 Due to its success she has since set up a crowd funding page which you can visit here.

h/t Aplus

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