Tragic Picture of Drowned Toddler Highlights the Heartbreak of Syrian Refugee’s

It’s understood by many that the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Europe right now is bad and after this image of a young boy washed up on a Turkish beach appeared on Wednesday it has become the tragic symbol of war-torn refugees seeking a better life.

The toddler who was just three years old has been identified as Aylan Kurdi and was found lying face down in the sand, washed up on a beach near to the resort town of Bodrum.

Aylan was one of 17 refugees travelling from their now war-torn home country of Syria. In a desperate attempt to reach the Greek island of Kos they used a dinghy to cross the Aegean Sea, however with 17 people onboard overcrowding caused the dingy to over turn.

Aylan is thought to have drowned along with a dozen others who were onboard including his 5-year-old brother Galip and his mother Rihan who was 35. His father survived.

European Pressphoto Agency / LaTimes


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