Two Guys Went Fishing but You'll Never Believe What They Ended up Catching

A whole new meaning to 'catfishing'.
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When Jason Frost and Brandon Key decided to go fishing, they never could have guessed what they would end up catching. Whilst out on their boat on Black Warrior river, Alabama, they spotted something amazing in the distance, a tiny kitten swimming towards them.

The kitten was seeking safety on their boat and despite being terrified of the water still swim over to be rescued. Although it isn't clear how the kittens ended up in the middle of nowhere it's thought they were abandoned by their previous owner. Once they returned with the kittens Frost and Key managed to find the kittens a new family who have now adopted them!

They couldn't believe what was swimming towards their boat!

It was a tiny kitten. They had no idea how it got out there...

Soon they spotted another!

Giving a whole new meaning to the term 'catfishing.'

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