21 Calming Websites That Will Put Your Mind at Ease

Sometimes the constant social media updates and news story are just all too much, sometimes you just want to zone out, vent your feelings or try and relax. You’ll be pleased to learn that these are all things you can do online thanks to these 21 calming websites designed to help put your mind at ease.

Why browse these relaxing websites?

Well, every once in a while your brain needs a break too, and while watching TV is also a popular activity that doesn’t require too much brain power, these websites below are designed to make you feel relaxed and let you rest for a while.

You will feel refreshed and rested after spending some time on any of them. Just try, and let us know which ones was your fav.

1. The Thoughts Room

Too much on your mind? you can type it all out on The Thoughts Room and watch it all disappear.

2. Flow

With its simple design, relaxing music and smooth gameplay Flow lets you relax and unwind and take your mind off of things.

3. Calming Manatee

If you need to feel good about yourself then look no further than calming manatee, a website that loads different photos of calming and kind manatees.

4. Rainy Mood

There’s nothing more soothing that the sound of raindrops falling and subtle thunder in the background. Enjoy!

5. Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

Doing nothing for two minutes can really help to clear your mind and help refresh yourself. Sometimes its good to do nothing.

6. Weave Silk

Drag your mouse around the screen to create otherworldly shapes and patterns.

7. Calm

A customisable meditation experience that guides you through meditation of up to 20 minutes, complete with picturesque scenery and tranquil music.

8. The Nicest Places On The Internet

If you are feeling down then this website is a must. it’s a beautiful reminder that the world is full of good people.

9. Soundrown

Soundrown lets you select a variety of calming sounds to relax to, from rain, ocean waves and even birds.

10. Bla Therapy

11. This is Sand 

On this simple yet very addicting site, you simply pour sand out of your mouse courser and it builds up in beautiful ways to create art and pass some time. One of out favorite here.

12. Silk 

On this site you can weave silk in many shapes and colors, nothing more, nothing less. And we can promise you it will waste so much time out of your day, you be surprised. But hey, you also be relaxed.

13. Play Piano 

This site has a piano all over the screen where you can interact with it and create beautiful music. Just make sure your AirPods are on because you don’t want your boss to hear you NOT working.

14. Live Cam 

Yeah, simply hundreds of live feeds from around the world, watch cute puppies, watch wild life, watch even people. Many people around the world love to share what’s going on right now with them, and this is a perfect site to take a peak and pass some time.

15. Tetris 

Just a simple site that lets you play Tetris online, and fore free, what more do you need? Tetris is the historical biggest time waster of all time. Play at your own risk

16. Subreddit – Oddly satisfying 

This is not really a stand alone site, but more a section of a site. We all know the site Reddit right? I hope you said yes. So the subreddit Oddly Satisfying provides you with pictures that make the world makes sense again.

17. The Useless Website 

This site just takes you to a new useless website every time you click the button. That’s all it does. Is it useless? Yes it is.

18. Sketchpad 

A simple site where you can sketch whatever you want and save it after. Think of it like the MS paint of the old days only much better and online

19. Pop bubblewrap 

This is every child’s dream, remember when you were a child every time you got a box with bubble wrap the only thing you cared about was popping the bubbles? Much more than the gift itself Right??

20. Akinator 

This site is like a little virtual genie that wants to guess which what you’re thinking about. And it sometimes gets it right, creepy but pass the time and a great conversation starter.

21. Vent to a stranger 

If you need to vent to a stranger or just want someone to talk to then this website is perfect. Sometimes its good just to get things off of your chest. Here it is

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