22 Tweets That Perfectly Sum up How It Feels to Be Single

Way too real.
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The single life isn't easy, everyone else is in a relationship and shoving it in your face whilst you dodge questions as to why you're still alone. The again, who needs a relationship anyway? here are 22 tweets that perfectly sum up how it feels to be single.

1. Confusing.

2. Pizza.

3. The reasons why.

4. Ready to flamingle.

5. Pick yourself up.

6. The amount of time.

7. It's destiny.

8. Dinner for one.

9. The cycle.

10. Even pieces of paper get more action.

11. Even your own echo puts you in the friendzone.

12. Interacting is difficult.

13. Maybe you prefer the single life.

15. People in relationships throw it all in your face.

16. Not even the dog loves you.

17. The days all roll into one.

18. Who needs a relationship anyway.

19. It's all about consistency.

20. Because grammar.

21. But there are perks.

22. You never get what you want.