23 Pictures That Only People Who Have Worked in Retail Will Understand

So true.
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You know what's worse than shopping somewhere that's busy? having to work there whilst it's busy, because customers are the absolute worst. Here are 23 pictures that only people who have worked in retail will understand.

1. Every time:

2. Never heard that one before:

3. What the back really looks like:

4. You cannot be serious.

5. Smiling on the outside, dying on the inside.

working in retail problems 5.png

6. Mastering the art of blending into the background.

7. Didn't want to speak to you anyway.

8. Please just let this end.

working in retail problems 8.png

9. The answer is no.

10. The angriest feeling ever.


12. Somehow it's your fault.

13. Now you have to become a mathematician.

14. Apparently it isn't that obvious.

15. When it comes to the weekend.

16. Point proven.

17. I didn't want to know your life story:

18. Poor you.

19. Admit defeat.

20. Disappearing:

21. Customers that want to speak to managers:

22. Not your problem:

23. Thank you.

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