25 Moments so Ridiculously Awkward You Won't Be Able to Look Away

So much cringe.
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If you've ever been in a situation so awkward you don't know what to do with yourself then you'll find comfort in these 25 incredibly awkward photos. Count yourself lucky you've never been in a situation as awkward as these.

1. The guy that wanted a selfie with Rihanna. She wasn't as enthusiastic.

2. The guy that didn't know when to quit.

3. This kiss of sorts.

4. The never ending handshake.

5. The awkwardness that didn't stop.

6. This.

7. This conversation.

8. This mega-overshare.

9. The guy that quoted himself.

10. This 'neon' rave that didn't live up to its name.

11. The way he's leaning.

12. It was supposed to say Canada.

13. This meeting.

14. This pregnancy announcement.

15. Taylor Swift dancing.



16. The guy who's mastered the hover-hand.

17. Ariana Grande.

18. This guys beard.

19. When this happened.

20. This guy.

21. Facebook fraud's.

22. When the first guy to get the iPhone 6 in Australia dropped it on live television.



23. A little bit of light reading.

24. This guy who's clearly no DIY guru.

25. And finally, when this happened.

via Buzzfeed