27 Baby Animals That Will Melt Your Heart

The cutest in the animal kingdom.
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The animal kingdom might seem like a scary place, full of animals that want to eat and kill each other, but look a little deeper and in between the deadly spiders, insects and giant predators theres little bundles of cuteness hidden everywhere. Here are 27 adorable baby animals that will melt your heart.

1. Baby giraffe

2. Super tiny chameleon

3. Baby elephant

4. This tiny crocodile loves a scratch

5. Little duckling

cutest baby animals 5.jpg

6. Baby deer loves to be hugged

7. Baby hippo and her mum

8. Kitten

9. Baby dolphin

10. This adorable little ant eater

cutest baby animals 11.jpg

11. Baby panda, just relaxing

cutest baby animals 12.jpg

12. Baby octopus

cutest baby animals 13.jpg

13. The cutest lamb ever

14. Adorable little owl

cutest baby animals 15.jpg

15. This adorable baby sloth

16. Seal pup

17. Baby puffer fish

18. Bunny

19. Piglet

20. Baby foxes

21. A handful of baby hamster

cutest baby animals 22.jpg

22. A baby walrus

23. Baby fox

24. Einstein, the world's smallest foal

25. Baby skunk

26. This tiny Chinchilla

27. Baby penguins