27 Cats That Don't Understand What Personal Space Is

Cat owners will understand.
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Some of us enjoy our personal space more than others, but cat owners don't enjoy it at all. Whether you're driving a car, working, reading, browsing the internet or even trying to go to the toilet these cats don't care. They don't have a clue what personal space is....

1. Leave the work, just look at how cute I am!

2. This is nice. I sits here now.

cats personal space 2.jpg

3. Nothing is sacred anymore.

4. Is this how you laptop? I laptop now.

5. Relaxing bath? think again!

6. Work harder human, your slow progress displeases me.

7. Every morning when I try to brush my teeth.

8. Hey there, what you reading?

9. This is what it has come down to. This is my life now.

10. Skip to the end i'm bored!

11. When she went to take a selfie I'm not sure crazy cat lady was the look she was going for.

12. Quit playing your games already.

cats personal space 12.jpg

13. Well this is nice.

14. Want to do some interesting reading? try reading what mood i'm in.

15. Sat down for five minutes then this happened.

16. No homework for you!

17. You can't even escape it whilst driving.

18. I think i'm just going to chill here. Right in your way.

19. Aww this is so cute it's almost excusable.

cats personal space 19.jpg

20. Don't look up there, i'm down here!

21. Heard you where showering, thought I better come see if you where ok!

22. This is what you would call a seriously bad hair day.

23. Seriously, what is it with cats and books?

24. Or humans even?

25. This cat has no chill.

26. Love me!

27. I'll just stare at you until you give me attention.

h/t Boredpanda