Famous Landmarks Get Transformed With Playful Paper Cutouts

Rich McCor, the guy behind the Instagram account @paperboyo has come up with a unique and fun way to document famous landmarks in some of Europe’s most popular cities with his clever paper cutouts that rely on perspective in order transform famous landmarks into anything from portraits of Mona Lisa to giant LEGO men.

Fed up with seeing his home city of London in the same boring perspective every day McCor set out with some paper cut outs and his camera and got snapping. Eventually he was contacted by a company who liked what he was doing and offered to fly him out to Stockholm, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Paris allowing him to capture all of the shots you see below. Make sure you checkout more of McCor’s work on Instagram.

Big Ben, London

London Eye, London

Arc de Triomphe, Paris

Af Chapman, Stockholm

Trafalgar Square, London

St George’s Wharf, London

Tower Bridge, London

St Paul’s, London

Cirkelbroen, Copenhagen

Montmatre, Paris

Rådhuset Metro, Stockholm

The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen

Sherlock Holmes Statue, London

Maritime Museum, Amsterdam

Somerset House, London

Southbank Fountains, London

Source: Instagram

h/t boredpanda

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