How to Make the Freakiest Looking Halloween Cake Ever

Mmm brain cake, delicious!
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Having people react to your cake in a disgusted manor when they first see it isn't normally what you go for when baking, but then again this cake isn't for an every day occasion. Feast your eyes on Brain Cake, a masterpiece created by Yolanda Gampp.

When it comes to baking Gampp has 18 years of experience and is the star of her own hugely popular YouTube channel “How To Cake It” which allows her to unleash her creativity and passion for baking in front of millions, "If I can make someone say, “Is that a CAKE?!”, I know I’ve done my job," she writes on Boredpanda.

With halloween fast approaching and the new season of The Walking Dead just starting Gampp thought it would be cool to creative this blood red velvet Brain Cake and its just about the coolest halloween cake you've ever seen.

First the baked cake has to be carved into the shaped of a brain.

red velvet brain cake 1.jpg

Then it gets covered in syrup.

red velvet brain cake 2.jpg

Then begin rolling the fondant into ropes. These are going to become the brain tissue.

red velvet brain cake 3.jpg

Cover your brain in raspberry jam.

red velvet brain cake 4.jpg

There you have it. The freakiest looking halloween cake you've ever seen.

red velvet brain cake 6.jpg

Which looks even more terrifying as you start to eat it.

red velvet brain cake 7.jpg

via Boredpanda