The 18 Grossest Halloween Snacks You Can Make

But you'll need a strong stomach.
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If you're planning a party this halloween then you don't want to leave your guests disappointed, which is why you need these 18 truly awful yet creative halloween snack recipes in your life. Be warned though, in order to be the host with the most gross snacks you'll also need a strong stomach and so will your guests!

1. Kitty Litter

2. Bloody Intestines

3. Centipede Crab

horrible halloween snacks 4.jpg

4. Bowl of Worms

5. Fried Mice

6. Pesto Eyeballs

7. Q-Tip Earwax Appetizer

8. Open Wound Cupcakes 

9. Zombie Cheese Head

10. Witch Fingers

11. Heart Cocktail

12. Shrimp Brain

13. Cream cheese & walnut-stuffed cockroaches

14. Halloween Spaghetti

15. Toilet Cake

16. Brain Biscuits

17. Monster Eyeballs

18. Bloody Bandage Cookies