The 18 Saddest Photos on the Internet

So lonely.
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Public events, weddings and even eating out at restaurants. These people all just want someone by their side, yet they're all so lonely.

1. This woman eating on her own.

2. They don't even have prom dates...

3. This guy. So lonely.

4. She's going to prom on her own.



5. Meal time. All alone.

6. I guess she'll just have to pretend she has a prom date.

7. So lonely.

8. Like really, really lonely.

9. Long walks alone.

10. He wanted a hot date for prom, but ended up with just a topless man holding a gun.

11. Nobody wants to sit next to this girl in class.

12. One guy sitting on a fallen tree in the middle of the woods.

13. Skiing alone.

14. Nobody wanted to walk to class with him.

15. Nothing to see here. Just a girl and some trees in the background.

16. He's all alone, just sitting there on his phone.

17. Alone at her own wedding!

18. Just a bowl of cereal and a curtain.

h/t Distractify