The 20 Happiest Newly Adopted Dogs You'll Ever See

They've found their forever homes.
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When a dog is stranded at a shelter there only hope is for someone to come along and adopt them, so it should come as no surprise that when they do find a new home they're the happiest animals on the planet. Here are the 20 happiest dogs you'll ever see. 

1. Jerry seems pretty ecstatic about getting adopted!

2."My wife and I just adopted our first dog. Meet Pixel!."

3. "My name is Ripley and I was adopted today."

4. "I adopted 6yo Lucy today. She won't let me far enough away from her to take a good picture."

5. That smile though. :)

6. After being abandoned on christmas day Kuma couldn't be happier with his new home.

7. This face says it all.

8. "My mom adopted a dog from the Dominican Republic that was found in a dumpster. I think he's enjoying his new home."

9. "This is my new best friend and he gives the best hugs ever."

10. "Penny's "I'm Adopted" Face."

11. "You taking me home!? i'd love that!"

12. "Me and the wife adopted this guy 3 weeks ago tomorrow." 

13. Someone is happy they got adopted!

14. "I'm so happy I feel like i'm flying right now."

15. "We've just adopted this lady."

16. "Beautiful fridge magnets and a human brushing me, what more could you want!"

17. "Meet just adopted LJ (Leroy Jenkins)."

18. The face you make when you realize you've just been adopted.

19. "Dog got adopted from the shelter i use to volunteer at. I think he's pretty happy."

20. “Hello, this is my new family and they are the best.”