The Incredible Winning Photos for Urban Photographer of the Year 2015

For the past 9 years the CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year has been encouraging both amateur and professional photographers from around the world to submit their very best photos of cities and urban areas. This years competition was no exception with its high quality submissions that capture intimate and otherwise overlooked moments in the fast pace of urban life.

The Chicago Board of Trading Building by Cocu Liu. Winner, Mobile Category.

Cocu Liu

Poultry Prepared for Market, Phnom Penh, Cambodia by Peter GraneyWinner, Asia Pacific Category.

Peter Graney

Winter Work, Calgary International Airport, Canada. Photo by Christopher J. Martin. Winner of the Americas category.

Christopher J. Martin

Xyclops, watch repairman at work in Doha, Qatar. Photo by Oscar Rialubin. Overall winner.

Oscar Rialubin

Managing Influence – 00:00. The competition allows photographed to enter up to 24 photos taken throughout one day. Photo by Pedro Guimarães Lins Machado.

Pedro Guimarães Lins Machado

General Compartment – 02:00. Photo by Sujan Sarkar.

Sujan Sarkar

Crossroads – 04:00. Photo by Joshua Charow.

Joshua Charow

Construction On Call – 10:00. Photo by Geoff Williams.

Geoff Williams

Workers – 13:00. Photo by SHM Mushfiqul Alam.

SHM Mushfiqul Alam

Human Museum – 14:00. Photo by Jorge Maluf Ferreira.

Jorge Maluf Ferreira

In Between Work – 16:00. Photo by Ankit Narang.

Ankit Narang

Digital Age Vol 2 – 22:00. Photo by Martin Faltejsek.

Martin Faltejsek

Oriental Fast Food – 23:00. Photo by Marcos Sobral.

Marcos Sobral


h/t Fubiz

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