18 Parent's That Took Embarrassing Their Kids to Another Level

So much cringe.
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Think your parents are embarrassing? think again. These 18 parent's take embarrassing their kids and turn it into an art form.

1. This dad who can't help himself infront of the camera.

2. This mum that doesn't care about her sons happiness.

3. The dads that can still 'turn up' like the kids.

4. The parents of this poor boy.

5. This mum that doesn't have a clue.

6. The innocent parents behind this cake.

embarrassing parents 8.jpg

7. The dad that couldn't care less.

embarrassing parents 6.jpg

8. This mum that needs to try before she buys.

9. This dad:

embarrassing parents 9.png

10. Or this motivational dad.

11. The mum that tried to make 'mummy' halloween sausage rolls.

12. This overly affectionate mum.

embarrassing parents 12.jpg

13. This overly protective dad.

14. This dad who's fully embracing technology.

15. The dad that copied his daughters senior photo.

embarrassing parents 17.jpg

16. This dad that likes to wear totally inappropriate tops.

17. This mum who just shared a little too much.

18. And finally, these parent's who know a thing or two about selfies.

embarrassing parents 18.jpg

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