19 Jokes Only Grammar Nerds Will Understand

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You probably see people misspell words wrong all the time whilst and while the temptation to correct them is overwhelming it's always best to leave it to people that want to be labelled the 'grammar police'. For those that value good grammar it can be tough, but you can always laugh it out. Here are 19 jokes every grammar nerd will appreciate.

1. Pros and cons.

2. Commas matter.

3. In fact, they save lives!

4. There probably isn't a human in existence that could use this toilet.

5. Use commas, don't be a psycho.

6. What happened to this poor door!?

7. For the grammar police of the world.

8. Grammar matters.

9. Catholic meeting.

10. Your pretty Vs. You're pretty.

11. Too many! make it stop!

funny grammar 11.jpg

12. Using the wrong 'your' all the time.

13. English Teacher parties can get pretty wild sometimes.

14. Grammar matters.

15. Don't let the errorists win.

16. Hire taller staff!

17. Stranded on a dessert island!

18. Grammar nazi hunters.

19. Perfect!

h/t Boredpanda