19 Photos Anyone with Friends Will Understand

It takes all kinds of people to make up a group of friends, from those that are useless at keeping secrets to those that ‘don’t care’ what you do… as long as it’s what they actually want to do. Here are 19 photos that anyone with friends will understand.

1. That one friend that doesn’t care… until you say the wrong thing.


2. Having a friend who’s always feeling sorry for themselves.


3. Dealing with this.


4. Dealing with their poor directions like:


5. That one friend that hold your darkest secrets.


6. The friend that always takes it too far.


7. When your friends do this:


8. That friend that makes shit up.


9. The friend that can’t sing.


10. The friend that’s never on time.


11. When you don’t get introduced so you try and fade into the background.


12. When this happens.


13. Here we go again.


14. That one friend that worries about everything.


15. Complaining about this.


16. That one friend that steals your look.


17. That one overly comfortable friend.


18. If I don’t make it, tell my family I love them.


19. Finally, the friends that don’t care.


h/t Buzzfeed

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