19 Things Everyone Who’s Had a Crush Will Understand

Falling in love these days isn’t easy. Here are 19 things that everyone who’s had a crush will understand.

1. That feeling.

2. When you’re scared to follow.

3. Wounded.

4. Taking risks like this…

5. Suddenly nothing else in the world matters.

6. You keep track of their relationship status on Facebook.

7. Which isn’t good, because you’re trying your best to fight the feelings.

8. Then again, sometimes you aren’t afraid to let those feelings show.

9. You try and play hard to get, except they don’t want you.

10. When you’re around them you have no chill.

11. You’ll do anything to be ‘the one’ they want.

12. You’ll even read things you have no interest in to impress them.

13. You’re useless at reading the signs of whether they like you back or not.

14. You can give out compliments and get nothing in return.

The pain.

15. When they fall in love with someone else, the pain is all too real.

16. When this happens, you try and play it cool.

But you’re dying on the inside.

17. Sometimes they won’t even speak to you.

18. Then again, if you ever do get to know them properly they may turn out to be crazy.

19. It’s a real possibility.

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