20 Spelling Mistakes You Won't Be Able to Stop Laughing At

Kids write the funniest things.
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Although adults are forgiven for misspelling things from time to time the people that can get away with it all the time are kids, but then again who can really blame them, they're still learning after all!. Nevertheless they're spelling mistakes occasionally make for some hugely funny errors... just like these ones.

1. Happy Birthday to you!

2. This kid that just wanted some spare change.

3. Problem is we've already caught you.

4. Don't show Apple this, they'll probably try and make it.

5. Timmy is going to miss that special someone.

6. That's not how christmas works!

7. It's not just the spelling error but that hat too.

8. You have to wonder what her real name is.

9. It seems they really don't understand this whole christmas thing.

10. What must the teachers think!

11. The safest place to be...

12. Well that escalated quickly.



13. Correct, but probably not what you meant.

14. This really is a surprise.

15. April Ham Lincon.

16. No way.

17. At least she loves them!

18. Buzz Lightyear finally confesses to his worst crime.

19. Gee, thanks.

20. It helps the flowers grow!

h/t ViralNova