24 Hilarious Design Fails That Prove You Should Always Hire a Designer

Designers deserve more credit.
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Let's be honest, all of these mistakes are probably not going to be the work of a professional designer, although even they can make mistakes due to unforeseen circumstances like the ones you see below. Despite this designers often go unrecognised for their work and they certainly deserve more credit. Here are 28 design fails that highlight why you should always hire a designer.

1. This DVD holder.

2. No safety.

funny design fail 1.jpg

3. This pencil.

4. Don't be happy, worry.

5. This minion shower gel which has gone from cute to demon in just one wash.

6. The spine of this book.

7. These stairs which will completely mess you up.

8. This kids slide.

9. Someone hasn't seen a compass before.

10. The pattern on this sink.

11. The nose job on Cinderella.

12. This food advertisement.

funny design fail 12.jpg

13. This seems like a really bad idea.

14. Just hop over the barrier to continue.

15. This door with mixed messages.

16. This elevator to nowhere.

17. This cleverly designed golf ball.

18. Would you vote for this guy? probably not.

19. This pet shop sign.

20. Disabled parking bay.

21. Something has gone seriously wrong.

22. German school sign.

23. If you think this elevator is bad....

24. ...just checkout this one.

h/t Boredpanda