25 Adorable Animals so Sleepy They Can't Even Function Right Now

So cute.
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If there's one thing that most of us can agree on in this world, it's that sleep is amazing. Lack of sleep is never a good thing and these 25 adorable animals know it which is why they aren't afraid to catch up on it... no matter what.

1. This looks... comfy.

2. "My chair, find your own!"

3. This dog is so tired not even a walk is appealing right now.

4. Sleepy head.

5. Mum looks a little tired.

6. "I think here's a good spot to sleep."

7. Completely crashed.

8. Something tells us he's a little tired.

9. It was a hike to far for this pooch.

10. A perfectly acceptable place to sleep.

11. Timber!

12. "No playing today."

13. Too tired to even care right now.

14. His first trip out into the city and he falls asleep.

15. "It's be a long day."

16. A good belly rub sends him to sleep.

17. This cat has crashed!

18. Stairs are too damn tiring!

19. This corgi has completely collapsed.

20. He fell asleep after waiting for the vets.

21. Being naughty can be hard work.

22. This is so adorable!

23. Tired Frenchie is tired.

24. "I could do with a power nap right about now."

25. YAWN