Elderly Stranger Stops at Train Station to Teach Young Man How to Tie His Necktie

Random act of kindness.
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Random acts of kindness happen all the time, although it's normally the grand ones that steal all the limelight - but not this time. Whilst an elderly couple were waiting for a train at Atlanta's Lindbergh Station they noticed a young man having trouble with his necktie. The woman asked the man "Do you know how to tie it properly?" and when he responded "No, ma'am," she tapped on her husbands shoulder and asked him to teach the young man how to tie his tie.

Without hesitation the elderly man started to show the young man in a step-by-step tutorial, meanwhile the woman stood in front of the two of them to block others from seeing what was going on, probably so that the young man wouldn't feel embarrassed. Redd Desmond, a bystander was there to watch the whole thing happen and managed to take the photo you see below. The photo has since gone viral for its heartwarming sentiment and message on how we should always try and help each other. Faith in humanity restored!


Source: Facebook