LEGO Are Now Making Slippers to End the Most Painful Experience Known to Man

One of the most painful experiences known to man could now be a thing of the past thanks the company who ironically created the hazard in the first place, LEGO. Working with French advertising agency Brand Station, LEGO have come up with anti-LEGO slippers that will save your unprotected feet from discarded blocks left on the floor.

The slippers will be produced on a limited run of just 1,500 and then given out to people who fill out their christmas wish lists on LEGO’s French website. Although they’re limited edition and just about any pair of slippers will do the trick, we reckon every LEGO set should come with a pair of these!.

After 66 years LEGO have finally come up with the solution to one of the most painful experiences ever…


Accidentally standing on a piece of LEGO!


They teamed up with French creative agency Brand Station to create a pair of anti-LEGO slippers.


The slippers will be produced on a limited run of 1,500 and given out randomly to those who enter their christmas wish list on the French LEGO website.


Never mind a limited run, these slippers should come with every LEGO set!



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