Life Sized Bear Sleeping Bag Allows You to Sleep Without Being Disturbed

Let’s face it, nobody likes having their sleep disturbed, which is why this sleeping bag designed by Japanese artist Eiko Ishizawa is the perfect solution. Ishizawa believes that every product – even the most mundane, have the potential to become something that doesn’t just function but is fun and creative too.

The bear design was inspired by a story about a bear, known as the problem bear, that escaped from the Italian side of the Alps and made it to the Bavarian side. After creating much debate over the bears fate it was eventually hunted and killed leaving many people sad over its death. 

Ishizawa decided to create the sleeping bag and put them up for sale on Cargo. She then asked if those who bought the sleeping bag would send photos of them sleeping inside it so she could create a collage with the images to bring the problem bear back to life again!. You can see more of Ishizawa’s work here.


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