Take a Look Around the World’s Largest Art Installation

Every three years hundreds of thousands of art lovers visit what’s probably the most ambitious art-installation in the world, the Echigo-Tsumaria Art Triennale located in the city of Niigata, Japan. The event which was created by Tokyo-based gallery Art Front Gallery (AFG) hosts the work of some of the most famous artists, sculptors and architects from around the world with their installations scattered throughout hundreds of small villages covering a total of three hundred square miles.

The art festival first started in 2000 and this years marks its 6th run with an estimated half a million people attending. In order to celebrate the fifteen years since the event started director and curator Fram Kitagawa has created a book that details every single artwork that has been on display, 800 of them to be precise. Checkout just a select few of the artworks below.

Gift for Frozen Village; Artist-Kyota Takahashi; Photo by Osamu Nakamura
Tsumari in Bloom; Artist- Yayoi Kusama; Photo by Osamu Nakamura
For Lots of Lost Windows; Artist- Akiko Utsumi
; Photo by T. Kuratani
Yamanaka Zutsumi Spiral Works; Artist- Chiyoko Todaka; Photo by Hisao Ogose
Rolling Cylinder; Artist- Carsten Höller; Photo by Osamu Nakamura
To the Dead, to the Living; Artist- Yoshio Kitayama; Photo by Anzai
Restructure; Artist- Harumi Yukutake; Photo by Masanori Ikeda
House Memory; Artist-Chiharu Shiota; Photo by Takenori Miyamoto
The Day After Tomorrow Newspaper Cultural Department; Artist-Katsuhiko Hibino; 
Photo by T. Kobayashi
Sun and Footprints; Artist- Takahito Kimura, Photo by Osamu Nakamura
Lost #6; Artist-Ryota Kuwakubo; Photo by Osamu Nakamura
The Tower
 and the Red Dragonfly; Artist- Shintaro Tanaka; Photo by Anzai
Super High-Resolution Human Size Photographs of Insects; Artist- Norihisa Hashimoto; Photo by T.Kobayashi
Hachi & Seizo Tashima Museum of Picture of Picture Book Art; Artist-Seizo Tashima

More Info: echigo-tsumari.jp

h/t mymodernmet.com

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