The 10 Most Damaging Jobs For Your Health

Naturally some jobs have more risks than others, but the jobs on this top 10 list will probably leave you surprised. Using data from the Occupational Information Network database, Business Insider put together a list of the most damaging jobs to your health, factoring in six health risks including exposure to radiation, risk of minor burns, cuts, bites, exposure to hazardous conditions and finally sitting. Sitting was included due to the number of studies that point towards inactivity causing health problems and shortening a person lifespan.

10. Surgical and medical assistants


Under the supervision of surgeons surgical and medical assistants help in operations as well as perform medical laboratory tests. Making the risk from exposure to disease, infection, contaminants and hazardous conditions very high.

Unhealthiness score: 57.3

9. Stationary engineers and boiler operators


Stationary engineers and boiler operators maintain boilers and other mechanical equipment for industrial processes putting the risk of exposure to contaminants and cuts or minor burns very high. The overall exposure to a hazardous environment puts this job at number 9 on the list.

Unhealthiness score: 57.7

8. Water and wastewater treatment plant operators


Water and wastewater treatment plant operators are put in charge of industrial sized machines and have full control of the process and system used to treat water or wastewater. This also exposes them to a high level of hazardous conditions as well as contaminants and minor burns, cuts and stings.

Unhealthiness score: 58.2

7. Histotechnologists


Histotechnologists prepare histologic slides with tissue samples from sick patients that are then passed on to pathologists who will examine and diagnose diseases. This puts them at risk of hazardous conditions and exposure to contaminants, disease and infection.

Unhealthiness score: 59.0

6. Immigration and customs inspectors


They investigate people, vehicles and merchandise that arrive or depart from a country, city or border. They are there to ensure that no laws have been broken. The exposure to contaminants is highest in this job whilst the risk of exposure to disease, infection and radiation also factor in to put this job at number 6 on the list.

Unhealthiness score: 59.3

5. Podiatrists


For obvious reasons this job is pretty unhealthy. A podiatrists job is to treat deformities of the human foot. With this is the risk of disease, infection, exposure to radiation and other contaminants putting this job at number five on the list.

Unhealthiness score: 60.2

4. Veterinarians

Also including veterinary assistants and technicians. This job involves examining animals injuries or diseases in order to diagnose and treat them. With this comes the risk of exposure to disease, contaminants and the risk of cuts and bites.

Unhealthiness score: 60.3

3. Anaesthesiologists


Also including  nurse anaesthetists and anaesthesiologist assistants, this job involves administering anaesthetics before or during medical procedures putting them at high risk of exposure to contaminates, infections, disease and radiation.

Unhealthiness score: 62.3

2. Flight Attendants

Being a flight attendant involves meeting and greeting different people everyday, making passengers flights as comfy as possible. This makes the exposure to contaminants, infections and disease high. Risk of minor injuries such as cuts and bites is also high.

Unhealthiness score: 62.3

1. Dentists

At the top of this list is dentists, dental surgeons and dental assistants. The risk in this job comes from examining and treating patients who have may have diseases and injuries putting the risk of exposure to contaminants. The job also involves a lot of sitting.

Unhealthiness score: 65.4

via businessinsider

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