The Last Words of 27 Famous People Before They Passed Away

Just the though of a persons last words before they die is incredibly morbid, yet at the same time they are incredibly fascinating. Our last words are spoken when we have nothing else to gain from life, often revealing a person true self or outlook on life. Some even believe that they offer an insight in to what lies beyond death. Here are the last words of 20 famous people before they passed away.

1. Diana, Princess of Wales

2. Winston Churchill

3. Steve Jobs

4. Leonard Nimoy

5. Nostradamus

6. Thomas Hobbes

7. Alfred Hitchcock

8. Chris Farley

9. Leonardo da Vinci

10. Charlie Chaplin

11. Edgar Allan Poe

12. Elvis Presley

13. Virginia Woolf

14. Jimi Hendrix

15. Mozart

16. Terry Pratchett

17. Benjamin Franklin

18. Bob Marley

19. Pablo Picasso

20. Kurt Cobain

21. Frank Sinatra

22. Brittany Murphy

23. Salvador Dalí

24. Joan Crawford

25. Marvin Gaye

26. Olavo Bilac

27. James Brown

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