The Most Passive-Aggressive Parking Note Ever Is Pure Genius

Seriously funny.
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We've all seen it before, someone in the car park think that their car is better than everyone else's and decides to take up more than one space so that their car doesn't get hit. There's no real way to deal with this, even if another drivers bad parking is effecting you directly, but you can always leave a note.

If you wan't to let them know how annoyed you are without being aggressive or threatening then this note featuring a turtle is perfect because not only does it send a clear message it also makes them feel like a three-year-old in the process. This is perhaps the best passive-aggressive parking note ever.

First you need to identify someone who is parked like an asshole.

funny parking note 1.jpg

Then let them know what you think by giving them one of two of these.

funny parking note 2.jpg

Here's a printout so you can keep your own!

funny parking note 3.png