17 Fascinating Photos That Prove the Future Is Already Here

Technology is amazing!
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Just as with each passing year 2015 has been better than ever when it comes to advances in technology. From the clearest photos ever of Pluto courtesy of NASA's New Horizons spacecraft to the fact that hoverboards are now a working thing... sort of. Here are 22 fascinating photos that prove the future is already here!.

1. New Horizons gave us our clearest ever image of Pluto.



2. There are now wheelchairs that can climb up stairs.

3. There are phone displays that can bend!

4. And highlighters that can scan words in real time.

technology 2015 4.gif

5. Holograms can now teach chiefs how to cook.

6. Pens are able to create art in 3D.

7. 3D printing now lets you see your unborn child.

8. Prosthetic limbs are getting even better.

9. All of this will now fit in your pocket.

10. Augmented reality sandboxes are now a thing.

11. So are machines that will print the perfect nail.

12. Machines can solve Rubik's cubes in record time.

13. Hoverboards are now a thing.

14. There is a glass box that can show you the forecast.

15. Tarmac can now do this.

16. Everything can be controlled with gestures.

17. Finally, this progress.

via Buzzfeed