19 Things Every Pizza Lover Will Relate To

Pizza is love. Pizza is life.
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If you love pizza then you'll be able to relate to these 19 funny memes. From building new relationships to healing past ones it seems there's nothing that pizza cannot do.

1. Pizza is in your DNA.

2. How you feel when the pizza is coming.

3. You believe pizza is the cure to just about anything.

4. Your overwhelming love for pizza could get you in trouble.

5. You're not the same without your pizza fix.

6. Pizza helps you flirt.

7. Pizza understands you and never judges.

8. But it's also very hard to control.

9. The way it can spice up the bedroom.

10. The fact that pizza and abs don't go together.

11. The fact that pizza will never leave your side.

12. Pizza makes you competitive.

13. Pizza has helped you build new relationships.

14. But it hasn't helped you get into shape.

15. You appreciate that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

16. And understand that pizza has emotional healing powers.

17. You've learnt that it's safety first.

18. You never want to it to leave your side.

19. And the fact that pizza discourages negativity in your life.