20 Hilarious Things Women Tweeted in 2015

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The internet is full of humorous memes and photos, but some of the funniest moments can always be found on places such as Twitter. Each week Huffington Post Women shares some of the funniest tweets by women and now they've done a round up of the very funniest. Here are 20 of the most hilarious tweets by women in 2015.

1. On dating:

2. The importance of food.

3. The effort of getting dressed properly.

4. Sexual fantasies.

5. Everyone knows that cats are assholes.

6. Asking the important questions.

7. The nightmare of over thinking just about everything.

8. Back scratches.

9. Responsibilities.

10. The only reason to get out of bed.

11. When you say one thing and wine says another.

12. The expectations of Google in 2015.

13. When life gives you lemons.

14. A true free spirit.

15. Not wanting to go out anywhere.

16. Forever hungry.

17. We can all still aspire though.

18. The struggle is real.

19. This game changer.

20. When this happens.

h/t huffingtonpost.com