22 Dogs That Need to Start Understanding the Meaning of Personal Space

It's only ok because they're cute.
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If there's one thing that all dog owners can agree on, it's that dogs certainly don't understand the definition of personal space. Their desire to be in your face, on top of you or just pretty much attached to your side all the time comes from their love for their owners. Although they can be annoying at times it's ok, because they're cute.

1. This dog has no clue on what personal space is.

2. This person can't even use the bathroom without an interruption.

3. Imagine waking up to this every day.

4. "Hey, what you doing there!?"

5. "Please save me."

6. "I don't know how to get him off of me."

7. "Quit relaxing and pay me some attention."

8. It would be ok if he was a lap dog.

9. This pups face says it all.

10. This little guy just wants a cuddle.

11. "Where's the other dog? not sure, haven't seen him."

12. "Hey, I got you this toy."

13. She may not understand personal space... but we'll excuse her.

14. "Can you hear me now?"

15. That facial hair is out of control.

16. A familiar sight when eating for any dog owner.

17. "Did I say you could stop stroking me?"

18. This human has become a pillow.

19. And this one can't even watch the TV anymore.

20. "You mean this isn't a good place to sit?"

21. "Is my jumper keeping you warm?"

22. "Woah, you're seriously in my bubble right now."