24 Photos Every Pun Lover Will Find Hilarious

Unbelievably punny.
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Sure, elaborate jokes are great when they lead you on a long funny story to reach a punch line, but sometimes it's best to keep a joke simple, just like these puns. A pun is a form of word play in which a word is twisted or manipulated to mean more than one thing and the result of this is the 24 glorious puns you see below. Everyone can appreciate these.

1. The different Cliffe's.

2. They're clearly not lying.

3. This fabulous looking cat.

4. Civil war jokes?

5. The person with bad eye sight.

Yik Yak

Yik Yak

6. Gandalf says no.

7. Oh so stylish.

8. Black to the fuchsia.

funny puns 8.jpg

9. This farmer pun.

10. The carrot that couldn't care less.

11. Fresh prints.

12. The best hiding place ever.

13. A truly terrifying combo.

14. Hidden secrets.

15. The straighteners that don't work.

16. This dad.

17. Donald Trumpkin.

18. Go Shawty.

19. The highlight of your day.

20. Holy Macaroni.

funny puns 20.jpg

21. This interesting nood photo.

22. Identifying a capitalist.

23. What do corals get stressed about.



24. And finally, this.

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funny puns 25.jpg
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