25 People That Should Have Given up Facebook in 2015

Facebook is an amazing way of sharing moments with people all over the world, but it’s also got its downsides to, mainly those downsides are some of the stupid things people say. Whether it’s oversharing, expressing opinions that are better kept to themselves or just saying the stupidest of things, here are 25 people that sucked at Facebook in 2015.

1. Something tells us Gary isn’t telling the truth.

2. They know there stuff, cookies aren’t magnetic!.

3. Math genius.

4. What you get for not paying attention at school.

5. The winner takes the prize.

6. This woman’s ‘K’ wall.

7. This completely false statement.

8. When someone took The Onion seriously.

9. Fedora problems matter too!.

10. He’s laughing now because he got a free hot dog.

11. Seriously though, where’d you get those amazing tops?

12. She did the research.

13. This not so kind statement.

14. Mum. Please stop.

15. Not as stupid as the person using it.

16. This plot which takes an unexpected turn.

17. The hashtag suggests that they should never have posted this in the first place.

18. How stupid are they!?.

19. Someone get them a map of the universe.

20. At least the dad steps in to save the day.

21. Overshare of the year.

22. These misunderstood instructions.

23. Ignorance is bliss.

24. Mind. Blown.

25. Finally, this person who doesn’t understand what Facebook is.

h/t distractify.com

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