26 Christmas Tumblr Posts That Will Leave You Laughing

Tumblr gets it.
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Christmas is a time to relax and have a laugh, just ask these tumblr users. Through their witty comments and funny posts they perfectly embody the christmas spirit. Here are the 26 funniest ever tumblr posts about christmas.

1. This guy isn't holding back this christmas.

2. What would you do?

3. December is the time to get extra festive.

4. It's all about that holiday flair.

5. When you love christmas but want to keep it on a low.

6. This is so true.

7. Life gets mildly better in December.

8. Some people get a little to excited.

9. This shocking realisation.

10. When this happened.

11. Save time decorating.

12. How the story should have ended.

13. How you budget yourself when shopping.

14. This christmas card game changer.

15. Dear Daddy December.

16. Forever alone.

17. Just what everyone really wants for christmas.

18. Sometimes less is more.

19. Twas the nizzle before Christmizzle...

20. Making christmas all about yourself.

21. When the holidays hit.

22. You better pass, or Santa won't be bringing any presents.

23. Drake themed christmas songs.

24. We can't argue with the statement below.

25. For the easily offended.

26. This totally accurate nativity scene.

h/t Distractify